The City of Sunnyvale has decided to move to District Elections to address concerns and possible litigation regarding compliance with the California Voting Rights Act (CVRA). Sunnyvale Voters will vote on a city sponsored measure at the March 2020 Primary Election. 


On June 18, 2019, a city council majority voted to pursue a 6+1 election model (6 single-member districts with a city-wide at-large mayor) contrary to community feedback and strong caution by the City Attorney and staff that changes to the Sunnyvale City Charter would be much more complicated to implement for a 6+1 model versus 7 single-member districts.  


During 2019 Phase 1 district election outreach and city council hearings the community was solidly in favor of 7 single-member districts and against adding an at-large directly elected mayor. Sunnyvale voters have turned down a directly elected mayor twice at the ballot box since the 1990’s.


Most important, the decision by the Sunnyvale City Council to pursue a 6+1 model will reduce the benefit of going to 7 single-member districts as a remedy to address CVRA concerns by reducing the ability for minority voters to field and elect a locally supported mayor of their choice.

A group of concerned citizens has formed a group to support 7 single-member districts and object to an at-large city-wide elected mayor. 

Demand 7 Single-Member Districts

Oppose an at-large directly elected mayor in Sunnyvale

Vote NO on Measure B (NO on 6+1) on March 3, 2020