Thank you for considering a donation!  The No Directly Elected Sunnyvale Mayor campaign relies on YOU to help finance this campaign. Campaigns run on money for mailers, yard signs, fliers, etc. Your donations small and large are greatly appreciated.


Please mail checks to the address below with required and requested donor information. Include a note with any donor information requested not already imprinted on your check Click for donation terms

No Directly Elected Sunnyvale Mayor


P.O. Box 2656

Sunnyvale, CA 94087


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Examples of what contributions can help fund:

   $30 =   50 Colored Fliers

   $60 = 100 Post Cards

 $100 =   20 Yard Signs

 $400 = 500 Election Mailers to Sunnyvale voters

$1,000 = 1,250 Mass mailing mailers

$2,000 = Sunnyvale Sun 1/2 page advertising or colored sticker on front page

Campaign funding needs shift dynamically. 

Examples how your contributions can help the campaign include:

200-500 flyers run about $50

20 Yard Signs run about $100

Website/Electronic Communications run about $250 a month

600 Election Mailers runs about $500

Additional outreach and advertising options can run $1,000 and up

Donor Information 

California Law requires that we ask for donor information with your donation. Detail below.

* FOR CREDIT CARDS Enter all donor and donation info at Online Donation Checkout.  There is no need to enter that info on this page. 

* FOR CHECKS 1) Fill in this form 2) Manually PRINT this webpage from your computer or mobile device 3) press SAVE INFO FOR CHECKS then 4) Mail the printout of this page with your donor information along with your check. 

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For Check Donations: Please manually print this webpage from your computer or mobile device to mail along with your check BEFORE pressing "SAVE INFO FOR DONATIONS" 
For Online Donations: Please press the button below to be taken to our secure online donation payment processor. 

NOTE: Your name and address must be provided for any donation. Cumulative donations of $100 or more also require your employer and occupation or we are required by California law to return your donation. Please ensure your name, street address (No P.O. Boxes) and phone number are printed on your check and list your employer and occupation and other information on a note mailed with your check.. See below for additional detail and donor eligibility

Political contributions are not tax deductible for any income tax purposes.

No Directly Elected Sunnyvale Mayor  |  FPPC# 1420008

Donation Eligibility and Conditions

California Law requires your employer and occupation for cumulative donations of $100 or more. For employer please provide your employer's company name. If not employed by a company, use terms such as "Self-employed", "Retired", "Unemployed" or "None". For occupation please describe your occupation or you may use general terms such as "Manager", "Engineer", "Mechanic", "Teacher", "Farmer", "Homemaker", "Student", "Retired" or "None".

Donors certify that: 

    1. I am at least eighteen years old.

    2. I am a United States citizen or a foreign national lawfully admitted as a permanent U.S. resident (i.e., green card holder).

    3. This contribution is made freely from my own funds, and the funds are not being provided to me or reimbursed by another person or entity for the purpose of making this contribution.

    4. I am making this contribution with my own personal check or credit card and not with a corporate or business checking account or credit card or a card issued to another person. 


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Political contributions are not tax deductible for any income tax purposes.

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